Composite Pergolas

UV stable pergolas, cabanas and verandas

Dura pergolas Power Pergola shown here in Teak are great for use as shade for parking areas. Also available in Charcoal.

Power Pergolas withstand hot climates far more effectively than traditional timber

Pergolas, cabanas and verandas from Power Composites are attractive outdoor structures made from composite timber, an extremely versatile material which combines the traditional appearance of wood with the durability of an engineered composite. They are suitable even for extreme climates and will retain their finish for decades to come with very little maintenance thanks to their UV resistant and colour stable properties. They require no painting or staining and will not rot or splinter. The only care and attention that is needed is to spray your pergola with a hosepipe to clear any debris followed by washing it with a soft bristled brush. You may also wish to occasionally use a pressure washer for a deep clean.

Our composite pergolas are an excellent investment due to their long lifespan and resilience. Unlike timber, you won’t need to spend money on expensive ongoing maintenance and you can expect your composite timber pergola to last for at least 25 years. Our pergolas are suitable for both home and business use – they are becoming increasingly popular for commercial properties due to their superior safety and durability. Whether you are considering installing a pergola as part of a new or replacement project, we have a wide range of options to match your requirements. Our friendly team are always happy to assist if you have any queries about our products.

 The Power Pergolas product range

Adding architectural interest as well as shade and privacy, Power Pergolas create a sanctuary to enhance any outdoor space. They have a wide range of applications including beach areas, hotels, roof gardens, theme parks, villa complexes and parking areas. Alongside these commercial settings, they also make a beautiful spot to relax in for holiday homes both in China and abroad.

At Power Composites, we always look to the future, both with the advanced materials we use and our environmental considerations. Manufactured using a blend of up to 87% recycled hardwood and plastics.

Whilst each style and design of Power outdoor structure has its own unique advantages, the best fit for your outdoor space will depend on your preferences, your available space and your budget. We offer seven types of composite pergola in a range of sizes from the smallest (Type 33, 3000mm wide x 3000mm long x 3160mm high) to the largest (Type 99, 9000mm wide x 9000mm long x 3160mm high) to suit a multitude of projects. If you opt for the larger pergola structures, these will be strengthened with our proprietary Power Profile GRP inserts to provide the necessary span. If you are unsure of your requirements, our expert team can help to create your bespoke pergola, gazebo or cabana.


Power Pergola shown here in Teak. Also available in Charcoal. Final designs are subject to variation in accordance with individual customer requirements

Power Pergolas

Power Pergolas are freestanding structures with an open roof which is supported by columns or posts. A pergola may be used to cover a walkway or to provide a place to sit and socialise outdoors as well as year round protection from the sun. Power Pergolas are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit every style of property.

An example of a Power Veranda. Final designs are subject to variation in accordance with individual customer requirements

Power Verandas

Power Verandas are structures which are attached to the home, whether at the front, back, or side. Verandas are ideal places for spending some time in the fresh air without having to venture far from the house. A veranda installed along one or more sides of your home can lower temperatures inside the building and lessen your reliance on air conditioners and fans, saving you electricity and reducing your carbon footprint.

An example of a Power Cabana. Final designs are subject to variation in accordance with individual customer requirements

Power Cabanas

Power Cabanas are permanent freestanding shade structures with one open side placed on a practical raised decking area. Cabanas offer additional privacy and provide a tranquil retreat from the outside world. Power Cabanas deliver a real impact and are ideally suited to beachfront or poolside environments.

In addition to a 10-year warranty, all of our composite pergolas, cabanas and verandas have an expected 25-year service life.

Power Pergola colour options

Our composite pergolas are available in both Teak and Charcoal to suit every application. Colour samples are available on request, or for large orders, bespoke colours can be selected

Please note that colours shown are representative only; actual colours may vary slightly. Whilst Power Pergolas are relatively colour stable, there will likely be some initial colour lightening as the product weathers, which typically occurs in the first 3 months.


  • Beach Areas
  • Hotel Buildings
  • Hotel Gardens
  • Roof Gardens
  • Theme Parks
  • Villa Complex
  • Parking Areas


  • No painting or staining
  • UV resistant
  • Colour stable
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Does not splinter
  • Long life span
  • Eco friendly