The FRP grating is made from reinforcements (fiberglass roving,mat)and matrix(resin) by a special process. It is a boarding material with many mesh.

The FRP grating is integrally constructed for a high strength. The specific gravity is 1.9g/cm3. Its specific gravity is only 1/4 of steel, 2/3 of aluminium. FRP grating distributed evenly loading to all parts on it. The strength is 10 times as much as hard PVC, the absolute strength is more than aluminium, reach the normal steel’s level.

The FRP grating offers lower cost than steel, long life(more than 20 years), no maintenance, although the first investment is higher than common carbon steel. So it is more economic in terms of the total benefit.

FRP grating’s resilience, it can make the workers standing on comfortable.
FRP grating can meet all kinds of use requirement,this structural body can be cut easily as the solid board without being disassembled.
The FRP product provides a superior non-conductive property, its insulation grade can reach H-F level, and generally applied in high voltage area.